w/e - Sunday 11th April 2010       

    Monday 5th April 2010                          

I think someone has left a tap running in Co. Leitrim which has resulted in the Shannon rising further this morning. The entire lower concrete step is covered. There was a very strong south westerly wind blowing which made any fishing difficult with waves coming off the lake. Two anglers were packing in at mid day with only 4 Roach.

Steve Moran from Strokestown did marginally better on the gusher peg this afternoon with three Perch over 12oz and a similar sized Rudd. I wasted 45 minutes catching 3 tiny fish before realising it was too much hard work. At dusk the conditions were not improving so I'm having an early night. Anyone planning to visit Lanesborough this week would be advised to think again.

    Tuesday 6th April 2010                         

A lot of rain overnight saw the river rise yet again, and in all probability, it will be Friday before we see it peak. At this time of year, I'd prefer to see the level at least 8" lower. With so much cold water coming through the top end of the stretch, the hot water has no effect on the fish in the lake, and thus they do not get drawn in for the attraction of spawning in warmer water. On the subject of spawning, there are millions of fry in the harbour. So when did these fish hatch? I believe in the past few years, nature has widened its window of opportunity and the Roach can do their business in January or even as late as September. Am I talking shite?

I had a morning session on the stretch and caught 3 sprat sized Roach. The evening was just as bad only I improved my catch rate to record 5. I think it was 2004 since my campaign started this badly. That year I had only 1 fish in the first three weeks. Can it get better? Probably not this week at least.

    Wednesday 7th April 2010                  

S**t, B******S, F**K. There, that's got that out of the way. Am I happy? No, I am most certainly not. Another extra inch of water in the Shannon and nothing of note to report. Two more than able anglers blanked "between the trees" today. Some fish were caught in the swims immiediatly below the gusher. I adapted to the conditions and fished less than two feet from the lower concrete level where I suspected some fish may be hiding. I had 2 Roach, a Rudd and 5 Perch, one of which was about 10oz. I will post a photo tomorrow showing how high the water is. I wish we could fast forward by a week or so.

I have today received, on reasonably good authority, that the power station will go off line sometime on April 30th for it's major overhaul. It's a fair bet that will be the time when the Roach fishing will be at it's peak. Is that "Sods law" or "Murphys law?"

    Thursday 8th April 2010                       

Would you like to read lies, fisherman's tales, or the honest truth? Mmm, thought so, well here it is,- the gospel according to Waghorn.

In the beginning God created the river with loads of fish waiting a few million years for us anglers to evolve. Inbetween, just for a laugh, he decided to flood the land and the fish disappeared. Those who tried to catch were seen as fools and only the Cormorant was fed. And so it came to pass, God said unto the anglers, - "wait a week and the water will recede" and the fish will return in their masses, and Lo, the angler will smile again.

I spent 45 minutes repeating yesterdays session but with limited success. A tiny Roach and 4 Perch to 4oz or so.

It's 8.30pm, time to offer a prayer to the God of Lough Ree.

 Unless your name is JC, son of God, you'll need wellies to get to the hot water stretch. Click image for full size photo.

    Friday 9th April 2010                              

I'm sure regular readers will not be surprised to hear the fishing has not improved. Despite a beautiful spring day, the shoals have yet to appear. The week around St. Patricks day was the best week so far when several Pike over 20lbs and bags of Roach to 40lbs were reported. This was when the air temperature was at it's peak and the water level was almost 2' lower than today.

I had a go for an hour but only had three fish, a Rudd, a Perch and a Roach, none of which exceeded 1/2 oz. I also tried the Roscommon harbour where a solitary Roach of 2oz was my only reward in 45 minutes. Others came and went on the stretch without too much excitement. My evening session produced a 2oz Roach and a 6oz Perch. Quite frankly, I don't know why I bother!

    Saturday 10th April 2010                      

I was confined to the shop for what was the warmest day so far this year. A few anglers came and went and I didn't hear of any significant catches. A small Pike was caught near the harbour which is crammed with fry. My evening session was pretty much the same as the last few days, - shite. 9 fish with a total weight of not over 5oz. At dusk there was absolutely no surface activity whatsoever. I honestly think it will be next weekend before I get any action here (fnarr, fnarr)

My apologies to all non-christians with regard to Thursdays entry. Of course I realise that it could well have been Allah who created the world or was it simply a group of lads from Mullingar, who knows? Lough Ree was dug out by a few priests who needed a daily bath way back in the middle ages.

I've often been accused of not being too politically correct, I can't understand why, so for your musical entertainment, click here.

    Sunday 11th April 2010                          

It was quite warm in the April sun this afternoon and many casual anglers tried their luck. I don't think a single fish was caught. I went out at 7pm and before the sun went down, had 6 of the usual sprat sized fish that have taken residence in the slack water below the gusher. As the sun disappeared, I moved to the bush above Ryans gate where first cast a 2lb Hybrid was hooked and beaten. I haven't been so happy since Tottenham were knocked out of the F.A. cup. Ten minutes later a good sized Roach had the better of me and I waited 'til it was nearly dark before I hooked another. I weighed it in at 1lb 2oz. So it appears some fish may be caught this forthcoming week afterall. The water has receded but not by much. 

Let's hope for a rain free month, what's left of it?