w/e - Sunday 8th April 2012        

     Monday 2nd April 2012                        

I was surprised to find no one with the exception of Tim Collier on the river at dawn. It wasn't too cold and wind was minimal. He had two Tench by the time I set up and by 09.00 he had beaten me 10-5. Mine averaged 3lb 8oz with the best going 4lb 2oz. Tims best went 4lb 9oz. Of the 15, only three were female. Only two others fished the stretch for most of the day, with the overall catch rate down on previous days.

In the evening, Captain Cock-up arrived with Seaman Sucker and his twin brother. At 9pm they had limited success but Chris Ganley, also doing a night session was doing better.  My evening session was at Maladys where I joined Peter Wood to catch 24 smallish Roach and Hybrids.
For more info on the Inny, go to www.innyangling.net
     Tuesday 3rd April 2012                        

The very brave souls who spent the night on the stretch were rewarded with some good fish. Chris Ganley amassed around 50lbs with many nice sized Roach and a Bream of about 5lbs. Damien Allchorne (Captain Cock-up) didn't do too well but had two Tench of 3lb 8oz and 4lb 10oz Killian McCormack (Seaman Sucker) had a good mixed bag of 22lbs but was beaten by his twin brother Glenn who weighed in 25lbs 4oz. Most of Glenns weight was taken between noon and 2pm. His best Bream went 5lb 8oz.

I ventured out at 6.30 and couldn't buy a bite on the hot water stretch. The conditions had deteriated somewhat with a cold northerly wind coming downstream making the stick float presentation almost impossible. I decided to walk across the bridge to fish near the toilets. Usually i'd expect some action here but it was hard. I caught four male Roach up to 12oz but the bad news was the evidence of a mass spawning that had happened in the last 24 hours. This is much too soon and I can only hope it's just an early shoal doing their business.
Earlier in the day, Steve Blacklidge was fishing the disabled swims and recorded two very small Tench along with some Rudd.
     Wednesday 4th April 2012                 

The overnight temperature dropped to -2c, and I was more than surprised to see 6 anglers on the bank by 8am. Leigh Maitland was doing reasonably well, but had vacated his swim by 11.30 along with 3 other others. I think the wind and cold must have put them off somewhat, fine weather anglers that they are? I of course, had more sense and stayed in the relative warmth of the shop. The few that endured the conditions all caught, but had significantly less than they might have expected. Some hybrids to 2 lb 8oz and odd decent Roach were caught, mainly on the feeder, as float fishing was all but impossible. So why I tried the method in the evening, god only knows? It was a complete waste of time and I fluked just one solitary male Roach of 12oz on the gusher. I for one will be very glad when the wind changes direction.

If anyone cares to help out tomorrow afternoon, at 2pm we are going to attempt to move the weed from the stretch.

     Thursday 5th April 2012                      

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Sorry for the late report tonight, I had problems getting an internet connection. Highlight of the day was Andy Burnetts superb catch on the stick float consisting mainly of Roach in a bag of 45lbs Big Dave was nearer the bridge and recorded 35lb, again on the stick. The wind had dropped and some fish were visible from the bridge. A Tench was caught early this morning, a male of around 3lbs from near the duckpond. On the gusher, a good Bream and a small Tench were caught, but just down stream, Kieron Hanley started slowly, finished slow, and had it even slower in the middle.
I opted for a Tench session on the disabled pegs where three others were also after the same. Thankfully, I was the only one who didn't blank as I netted a female Tinca of about 3 and a half pounds.

     Friday 6th April 2012                             

Good Friday? yes it most certainly was. The stretch was well patronised from dawn this morning and lots of fish were caught. Brendan and James from Cavan were bagging up on the feeder "between the trees" and weighed in 92lb and 66lb respectively. As far as I could see, their catch was made up of mainly Hybrids and small Bream with the odd Roach which looked very battle scared from the spawning earlier this week. Other notable captures were by Larry Kelly who had a number of Tench. I wasted the morning before opening the shop to find the fish really didn't want a moving bait on the stick. On the navigation channel, I failed to register a bite.

The wind changed to a light westerly as the day progressed and my evening session was on the disabled swim which was vacated by Steve Blacklidge. He had earlier caught a Tench, but for most of the day the anglers fishing the lower section failed to catch. He'd only been gone twenty minutes when I hooked my first Tench, but sadly we parted company. Luckily, I restored my confidence with a 2lb 12oz Male on the next cast. As dusk approached, I hooked a goodun! Moments later, the seasons best of 5lb 12oz was netted. Shane Wrightson got a small female above me after dark, but by then I was heading back. At 10pm there were at least ten anglers settling in for a night session on the stretch. Some were struggling, whilst others were doing quite well.

     Saturday 7th April 2012                        

Last nights anglers had mixed fortunes. Roy and Flano recorded very little on the gusher but John Stroud claimed about 80lbs including a Roach that went over 2lb. The bulk of other catches were made of mainly Hybrids.

John Stroud with the best Lanesborough Roach of 2012 (so far) The "up yours" gesture is obviously aimed at me 'cos I haven't had any big Roach this year!
This morning saw Tim Collyer and myself on the disabled swims and on this occasion I beat him 5-2 in the Tench department. Whilst the Tench were mostly smallish, I netted a very special fish of which I will disclose a photo tomorrow. Tim had the bonus of a Bream close to 5lb. There were some real stonking bream rolling near us on their way out back to the lake.
The daytime fished extremely poorly, Pat Mulryan and his son fished towards the top end of the stretch and had an absymal session. By late afternoon, there were a lot of arrivals mainly intent on trying the lower section for Tench. There must have been over 10 in a very short area. To my knowledge, there were seven Tincas netted this evening, with a couple of 5 pounders, the best going 5lb 10oz to Seamus Moorhouse. I made a small contribution by catching a 4lb 4oz Male.

     Sunday 8th April 2012                          

If you see an easter Bunny, with his nose very runny, don't think it's funny, 'cos it'snot

The night session was once again hit or miss. Five anglers saw it out until dawn below the bridge and I think there were seven Tench caught during the darkness hours. Four of these went to Dan from Cork. When I arrived two were already contemplating vacating their swim. It wasn't too long before I was catching with three sub 3lb Tench coming bfore 8am There was curses when a bigger fish was lost! Seamus Moorehouse caught three during the night but failed to add to his tally. On the hot stretch, two lads saw an overnight session produce some small Bream and surprisingly, there were only four anglers present at 08.30!
By mid morning the four had been reduced to 2 and on the hot water swims were Mick and Doug on their annual pilgramage from Nottinghamshire. Mick did extremely well with about 60lbs of Hybrids and Bream with only 3 Roach. The Hybrids seemed much bigger than the last week or so.
We had some much needed rain in the afternoon which wiped out any potential casual anglers coming out for the evening. I should be receiving medication for my rare condition known as tincaritus. I quite often suffer from this but not usually in April. The only cure to this complaint is the slime from my favourite summer fish. Fortunately, I was able to rub some in tonight as I caught my 21st albeit the smallist Tench so far at well under 2lb! Seamus and Mark Moorhouse continued their marathon by adding a few to their tally. The proportion of Male to Female Tench has almost returned to last weeks ratio of 5:1
As promised, a photo of my very special capture yesterday, this fish was not carrying any spawn and in the next few weeks, should it stay in the area, could be very close to Nick Parrys record of 8lb 2oz 6drm
A new Irish P.B. for myself at 7lb 1oz equalling my U.K best. Dig the Wig!