w/e - Sunday 7th April  2013 

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 There is a gathering near the bridge, I see a silver fish called Rutilus and an evil one known as Esox Lucious.
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    Monday 1st April 2013                            
There were quite a few visitors on the entire stretch this morning, some had good results whilst others.... At the bush, some better quality Rudd and a good Perch were found, but with the added annoyance of sub 2oz Roach. Pike were active again with regular visitor Larry Kelly from Athboy netting an 18lb 2oz fish. This however, was not the best of the day. Youngster Connor Ward from Co. Wicklow had a 20lb 4oz which I think was on a Mackeral.
8 year old Connor Ward caught his P.B. of 20lb 4oz today. Notice the manky tail, Larry Kelly identified this fish as the same he weighed in at 21lb three weeks ago. It's possible we have five or more Pike in the area at the moment around the 20lb mark.
It got quite cold as the evening progressed and my session produced nothing of note. Whilst it started briskly with a couple of 4oz Roach, bites soon became scarce. After a large swirl in my feeding area, I realised another Pike was present. Peter was on his usual swim below the disabled area and had a good amount of Roach to 12oz
The river has now dropped to an alarmingly low point and there is barely 3 foot of water anywhere in the hot water stretch. The water temperature at the bridge was 11.2c Sorry, no idea what that is in old money, but I would guess bout 54f This would be a normal reading for the hot stretch but on the navigation channel, it may be as low as 44-46f. It will be 51f when fish start appearing over there and the real action starts. As to when this may be, think of a number, divide by 7, add 21 and multiply be 17 and if you have the answer, you'll not only have an IQ of 130+ and be a mathmatical genius, but also possibly raving mad!
    Tuesday 2nd April 2013                        
On the subject of sanity that was raised last night, I must doubt mine. I was up at 7am armed with the Piking gear for the first time this year. It was very cold. No Pike were seen and only six Roach were caught during my short session. The bright sunlight this morning will almost certainly make the sport very difficult. The three anglers present at 9am will question their own state of mind as I did this morning.
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The two anglers who arrived after midday found it difficult at the gusher but luckily for them had the foresight to move to the bridge where the relative shade saw some Roach to 10-12oz feeding. Sadly, a couple of pints of Smithwicks was enough to keep me away from the river, so i've no idea how they may have finished. Drink, the damage it does, doh!
    Wednesday 3rd April 2013                 
I was up at dawn to be greeted by a beautiful January frost, but hang on, this is April, there is something very wrong here? It went down to about -1 or -2f overnight, but there was still one idiot on the bank, and even he was indoors by 08.30 with frozen fingers. I had time for just a dozen or so small Roach near the bush. The sunlight will be a major factor as to whether the fish feed. At the moment (9.45) there is an open sky and only a couple of kids fishing.
Tonight's post will probably be updated after 11pm as I am traveling to Ballyhoe lake to interview a very important person! You may hear the fruits of this on next Wednesdays show, but this evening, upon my return, the next edition of "Get ya Tackle Out" will be uploaded at www.getyatackleout.ie You have all day to listen and perhaps even enjoy last Saturday's show.
It is Ernie Callahans funeral today and Bridie's Tackle will be closed for most of the day so I may attend my friends final farewell. Please raise your glass to a good man, - Ernie!
Not much news I'm afraid. Steve from Chorley was fishing the bush and caught a number of 6oz Roach, whilst Josh didn't do as well whilst suffering from a throat infection. To communicate, Josh was using text messages! It's going to a hard frost tonight, so it may well be difficult tomorrow.
    Thursday 4th April 2013                       
Has anyone noticed I left the gypsy fortune teller and her predictions at the top of the page this year? Strange how accurate her words are, the wise man from the East on last weeks page, now who could that have been? As these were all forecast on January 1st, we shall see by the end of May as to whether I should cross her palm with silver or give her a pearl necklace!

Anyone listening to last night's show may recall my prediction of a feeding spell around midday to 2pm for today. This may be proven as Killian McCormack is currently catching quality Roach and Hybrids near the bridge. Earlier, he caught two Pike of 8lb 8oz and another better fish of just over 16lb. I witnessed a 15lb plus Pike tak a 12oz Roach from the bridge just before noon. Although the Pike dropped it's lunch, the Roach was in very poor condition when returned.

Above the bush, some Roach up to 6oz were Damian Allchornes reward for getting up in the middle of the night to arrive here before dawn. As the day progressed he joined Killian at the bridge and caught a number of better Roach to a pound. I had a go on Killians rod and foulhooked a Roach of about 1lb 2oz, probably the best in the stretch so far this year.
My evening session produced 34 fish to 8oz but most were sub 2oz.
    Friday 5th April 2013                              
Historically, one of my favourite days, I woke up to find another bitter morning and should have stayed in bed. The going was hard but before 9am I'd managed 4 good Roach with two topping a pound. One other angler Piking with deadbait had seen enough and vacated the bush swim before I retired.

Been very ill for most of the morning, but I didn't miss much. Roscommon youngster Dillion Shannon fished above the bridge for possibly a 10lb mixed bag but is was very hard going. Elsewhere, on the disabled swims, two Polish lads had a good number of sub 2oz fish plus the odd bonus netter.

The evening session for me was far better, despite Peter Wood and Daniel Hoare insisting on "having a go" on my rod, I probably had nearly 20lbs of Roach and Mongrels. My best fish was eaten by a good double figure Pike.
Sorry no bait delivery this week, so I'd advise visitors to bring their own maggots over the weekend.
    Saturday 6th April 2013                        
I know I usually update the first news around 10am, but I'm afraid we wern't able to record the links for www.getyatackleout.ie last night as Phillip had urgent commitments. I tried to get them done this morning but was interfered with by bloody customers. The bad news is, I have to go home for a few days for a health check. This means I won't be back until Thursday so respectfully ask for eyes and ears to keep our world wide audience happy.

This morning was another very difficult session. I started at the bush to get 3 or 4 netters but the bites soon diminished. A move to the bridge was not a great improvement. Noel from near Ballyconnel had upwards of 130 fish for his 16lb bag. The other lads from Ballyfermot didn't hang around to keep me informed.
    Sunday 7th April 2013                            
The downside about going home for a while means YOU don't get first hand reports. I have to rely on a small group of freinds to supply me with the real news of what's going. It's almost 9pm now and only Peter Wood has done so. He claims there were many anglers all along the stretch but the fish were only of a 4oz stamp. Of course he wasn't there all day and I'm sure some larger Roach were feeding at dawn and dusk.
I was advised late yesterday evening of several Jack Pike caught by Paul Brown and Daniel Hoare, This could mean the imminent departure of the many large females of whom we have had the pleasure of this year, (fnnar, fnnar)
And so endeth the 2nd week, it's been a slow start, but for me at least, a steady one. I actually like it the way it is with Roach being the predominate species. Most of you are aware of my dislike of "Mongrels" but they will be with us, in good numbers by the end of next week.
Episode 4 of "Get ya Tackle Out" is now on line. This is the best episode so far. The interview and report from Ian at Blackwater Lodge must be listened to!