w/e - Sunday 6th April  2008       

    Monday 31st March 2008                    

For a while, I was starting to believe Spring had arrived as the sun shone and the temperature was touching 13c. Bt the time I shut the shop at 5.30 pm the weather had deteriated somewhat. I had intended to use the feeder on the gusher fence peg, but after 90 minutes of nothing and barely an hour of daylight remaining, I decided to go and get the float rod. Strange how a change of tactics improved sport. I was rewarded with a handfull of Rudd of 2oz and two Roach of 4oz and 12oz. The river has risen to show only about twenty foot of the lower level visible by Ryan's gate.

    Tuesday 1st April 2008                         

Cold, wet and miserable,- that sums up not just me but how today started. I was hoping for a Pike feeding before breakfast, but alas could not tempt one. On the float I caught 14 Rudd, 11 Roach and 2 Perch with nothing over 4oz. Some of the fish were tiny. Back in the shop to open for the 9 a.m rush!! 

After a gruelling day dealing with all of four customers, I was more than ready for some action! The wind, which had been almost gale force for most of the day was gradually easing. I'd love to say I caught well, but will admit to just 9 Roach, 7 Rudd and 4 Perch all of the same stamp as this mornings stint. Two hours was about as much as I could take.

    Wednesday 2nd April 2008               

Another day with not a soul on the bank. At 5.30 I went out for my two hour session starting at the gusher fence peg. The usual suspects of Rudd, Roach and odd Perch were easy. The dead baited Pike rod saw no action. At 7pm a move to above the gap saw more of the same. Temperatures are steadily rising but as yet there is no surface activity at dusk.

    Thursday 3rd April 2008                      

I don't know whether this is good news or not, but this mornings short session saw a number of much better fish but unfortunately they were being foul hooked. I was fishing the fence with the stick float when the first, A bream of about a pound was hooked in the tail. I followed this with three others which I didn't see. I have foul hooked a few fish in the past and I cannot understand why if there are so many fish present, then why they will not take a bait? The temperature hit the 15c mark today. Barry Lister arrived to launch his boat which required my assistance. Later he informed me that there are good shoals present in the area below the new marina and also around the cut. (what would we do without fish-finders?) The water temperature was 48f at the end of the navigation channel.

Some may get their excitment from opening their "Sun" to page 3, but nothing gets me going like a nice pair of big Roach, and that's exactly what I got this evening. I started at Ryans gate and got several around the 4-5 oz mark before moving up to the gusher fence. I fished a good 12" overdepth to slow the bait and got the two big fish within minutes of each other weighing in at 1lb 7oz and 1lb 8oz. I had to pack in early as I was to go to Dublin airport to fetch Bridie from her holiday. On arriving back the air temperature was still above 10c. I am very confident that fish in greater numbers will have arrived in the stretch overnight.

    Friday 4th April 2008                              

My apologies for having so little to report. If only there were more anglers here I'd have something to shout about. At least the shop now has maggots. Gone are the days when Fridays delivery would bring ten gallons or more, so if you intend on coming to Ireland, please book your bait in advance by calling either the shop on, (00353) 433321491 or Irish Bait & Tackle on (00353) 49952 6258.

I went out for my usual 2 hour session just after 6pm. There was a bit of surface activity in the stretch so I presumed a good few fish were present. I fished the fence into the fast water but lost two good fish in the flow. Eventually, I landed my first Hybrid of my campaign weighing in a little under a pound. Switching to the margins saw another three good fish lost as they bolted to the faster water. A 4oz Perch, A Bream of a pound, a few sub 2oz Rudd and another Hybrid of 1lb 10oz were my only captures.

    Saturday 5th April 2008                       

The weather took a nosedive today as the wind changed to a hard northerly meaning in was coming straight downstream. Two anglers from Ballymoate, Co. Sligo came into the shop with the intent on fishing. I advised them to try above the gap and to their credit did extremely well on the pole and float. In all my years of fishing Lanesborough, todays conditions were as bad as any I had ever experienced, they deserve a medal for persevering. At 5pm they were packing up with a good mixed bag of Hybrids to nearly 3lbs and a few very good Roach which may have topped a pound and a half. The total weights were, Mick Kerins, - 21.6 kilos and Kevin McDonagh 16.6 kilos.

I went out at 6pm as the wind appeared to be easing. I only had 7 fish in two hours but these were of good quality. First up was a Bream of 3lb 11oz followed by Hybrids of 1lb 10oz, 1lb, 2lb 2oz and 2lb. A small 2oz Perch was added before finishing with Roach of 1lb 6oz and 6oz for a total of just over 12lbs. Two Europeans (affectionately known collectively as Kodaks) attempted to put a 10lb Pike into a carrier bag, they claimed they only wanted to weigh it but we all know what they would have done if it were not for my insistance in returning it to the water. Please be vigilant, if you see anyone attempting to remove fish, threaten to call the police.

    Sunday 6th April 2008                           

Why on earth there were not more anglers here today, I do not know (there were none when I checked). It was very cold and the northerly wind was still gusting over 25mph. My evening session started at 6pm and for the first hour I had lots of Roach around the 4oz mark. The sun was so bright I found difficulty in seeing the stick float so I spent 30 minutes on the gusher. This proved to be fruitless so a return to "between the trees" saw another flurry of activity. A hybrid of 1lb 6oz was the biggest until almost dusk when a Roach of 1lb 9oz was netted. However this specimen did not win the "Golden Maggot" as Andy Burnett, a Yorkshire man now residing in Elphin banked a 1lb 10oz Roach from a few yards above me. I had about 12lbs for the session.

I've checked all my E-mails (lots) and will answer all this week. Thanks for the photos, I'll post some and leave a few for a new photo page at the first opportune moment.