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    Thursday 31st March 2016                 

I have arrived for my 25th consecutive year in the village. The river looks great, with the level showing about 3" of water on the lower concrete by the bridge. The level can be monitored here, and when it shows about 2.7 or a shade under, that is when the water will be totally off the concrete. 

Not surprisingly, there are no anglers present, but two students from the Chinese university of Hong Kong have arrived with a mass of electronic gear to ascertain the true extent of the Asian Clam crisis. They speak very little English, but promised the results will be published tomorrow morning. Apparently their research needs to be carried out in the hours of darkness. I think we need to pray for the best.

I don't know who financed the tests and the cost of flying these two students half way around the globe, but if it was the local angling hub, then we must applaud them for their efforts in fundraising.

I have re-purchased my former boat "The Ark Rose" and hope to launch her by the weekend. This will aid my reports and if I can get the fish-finder working, pre-empt the exodus of fish into the river. I have a 'Humminbird' SX150 but the transducer and cable have gone missing. If anyone has a replacement for this model, I would be willing to purchase one.
Two hours was more than enough to get the feel of the river. 16 fish for me, although Aiden had far more, they were very small and the best was about 3oz. It's hard to believe, that on this date four years ago, the Tench were already feeding.
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    Friday 1st April 2016                                

I've been up most of the night with the Chinese lads, had a good laugh and they provided some excellent authentic cuisine. The best news of all is that the Asian Clams have been totally eradicated. Using a new ultra sensitive photo genocide device developed by the Chinese at the University of Hong Kong, they managed to remove over 6 million in four hours.

It is a miracle and our sincere thanks must go to the people of Lanesborough and Ballyleague who funded the project with the help of the local Angling Hub.

Asian Clams are actually edible, Zhung and Quiang (hope they are smelt correctly) have promised a feast in Adies pub this evening.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank them both for their help and wish them both a safe journey home tomorrow.
Now for some serious fishing.....

I know one or two readers of this page fell for my prank, but it was April fools day after all. If we can't have a laugh, what can we have?

The weather for the best part of the day was wet and windy. The waves coming up the stretch prevented me from contemplating going out. By early evening it had dropped to a gentle upstream breeze. Having the bank to myself is not the best way to see how many fish there are, but as I caught about 35 in 90 minutes, I'd say quite a lot. However, they are still very small although unlike yesterday, I had several around 3oz or so. A good mixture of Rudd and Roach with the odd Perch. Tomorrows forecast looks ominous. Torrential rain from mid day onwards. A weekend to reflect me thinks...

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    Saturday 2nd April 2016                       

A very quiet morning saw just one angler Piking near the duck pond.  A superb 8k fish along with a smaller specimen and some Perch. With such a strange winter, it's hard to tell as to whether our areas Pike have spawned or not?
Lanesborough Polish resident Artur Rydzak - 8k (about 17lb)
There was no wind and the lake looked perfectly still, but I didn't feel too well this evening, so I'm afraid I've no news. However, there were no anglers when I looked out, and it was raining quite hard, well that's my excuse for not fishing.

Note to self, "more motivation required"
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    Sunday 3rd April 2016                           

Sorry for this late report, lost internet connection! Today started as yesterday ended, damp and dull, but many hardy souls from the Camlin angling club headed out of the harbour for the Ray Gill Memorial Competition. 17 boats fished with prizes for the combined weight of best three Pike. The results were as follows,-

1st Padraig Corcoran, total 24lbs 11ozs
2nd Michael and Cathal Galvin, total 18lbs 2ozs
3rd Blaine Carbery and James Fallon, total 11lbs 15ozs
4th Ivo Smiths and Dimitri Pantu, total 10lbs 6ozs

I'm not sure if Michael Galvin's 14lbs fish was overall biggest but congratulations to all those who caught to win the superb looking trophy.

On the hot stretch the going was tough. Two English tourists from Scarborough caught 73 fish between them, although they were small, with the best being a 4oz Rudd, they were happy to catch after two days blanking on a lake near Strokestown.

The river is rising quite quickly due to the amount of rain in the past week or so. There is at least 2" of extra water since Wednesday, and looks likely to rise further this week. A slow start to the season may be expected?