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December 2015,- We are approaching the end of what has proved to be a most difficult year. Despite the good intentions of the newly formed Lough Ree/Lanesborough Angling Hub, little has been done to promote angling in the immediate area since the discovery of Asian Clams and the subsequent temporary closure of the Longford side of the Shannon. Angling has diminished to an embarrassing low, although this site has seen a rise. I suppose you are all looking for updates to the situation?

Most readers know I quit the executive committee of the aforementioned hub not long after its formation. There were various reasons, but my main concern was that the 2-day competition held over the spring holiday weekend whilst the power station was off, would have an adverse effect on visitors to this once prestigious stretch. With a top weight just topping 5 lbs for the winner over 2 days, proved my advice NOT to hold the competition was correct.

I wish I was wrong, but I fear it may get worse. I understand there are no plans to eradicate or manage the infestation of clams. Although I'm confident the Roach and Tench Population is a healthy one, the demise of the Bream has led to less Hybrids in our area and thus the mega bags of 100 lbs are but a distant memory. However, there is a shoal of Bream and Hybrids that has appeared on the navigation channel in September for the last few years.

The future of this web page is also in doubt. I had little to report this spring through so little angling activity, that I honestly thought 2015 would be my final visit. 2016 will be my 25th consecutive annual pilgrimage to Lanesborough, but will also be my last. This year has seen withdrawn, and we should all thank John Coles for his input over the years. Of course his page was originally for the benefit of visiting anglers from the U.K. but as the years progressed, those visitors became, like the fish more scarce, until there was no news to report.

Check out the archive pages to see what happened in previous years.

Hope to see many familiar faces in 2016, have a good Christmas. - Wag