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January 16th 2017,- Well, here I am again for the 10th year running this website. Visit numbers dropped for the first time in the 12 months to December 2016 with a 3% fall over the whole year compared to the mean of 2012-2015. Despite this, I will continue even though my web hosts have increased their fees.

I fell foul of the local 'Ballyleague' angling hub last year when, on the June competition, with just three days notice, the section venue was changed from Kilnacarrow to the area below the bridge. Some anglers were told they could not fish that area for the duration of the competition, meaning virtually the whole stretch was reserved for the (very few) matchmen. The Ballyleague angling hub deny this of course, but they won't apologise to the group from Dublin who reserved bait only to travel nearly 90 miles only to find their proposed area closed for the weekend.

I trust this won't happen again this year as I'm informed another match has been planned for the June holiday weekend. To be sure this won't affect visitors, I propose a group of readers to this site, do a marathon 'Bivvy' session commencing as early as possible and refuse to budge if asked!

If anyone is up for it I have a cunning plan. how about a fish-in with a difference? On both the spring holiday weekend and the June one, we all bung in a tenner to see who can catch at the biggest Tench. No rules on where or when you can fish, as long as it's between the bridge and the end of the reeds below the duckpond. 

Spring Weekend - Friday 28th April at 6pm through to Monday 1st May at 10pm

June Weekend - Friday 2nd June at 6pm through to Monday 5th June at 10pm

I'll supply a trophy for the winner and there are no rules except the fish must be witnessed and weighed by an independent angler, the heaviest taking 75% of the entry fee with the best fish from the other weekend getting a 25% consolation.

At this moment, I'm hoping to arrive the Tuesday after the clocks go forward and with water levels for this winter being the lowest for a long time, we may expect an unseasonal high amount of March rain. Time will tell.....

Best fishes, - Paul 

Tel: 0879419988 

This is not a tourist trap, the reports here are regularly updated in the peak season, sometimes twice a day at 10 am and 10 pm (unless I'm fishing or walking Ralf) if you think I deserve a donation (no matter how small) please help, every pound is a prisoner! This is a secure payment option.

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